Colonze 2, Ratchadaphisek Soi 7



Colonze 2, as its name suggests, is part of a chain. Presumably they were named chronologically. There are four branches and a fifth was recently renamed “The Office”. Number 2 is situated in the Ratchada/Huay Khwang area, where you can find many other swish massage parlours. However, unlike most of them, it is not on the main Ratchada strip. You have to go down Ratchada Soi 7. It’s about a 5 minute walk down on the soi and is on the right hand side. It is impossible to miss, especially at night, with its huge and unique neon signage.

The nearest public transport is Huay Khwang subway station. From there, leave at exit 3 (the same as for Nataree) and walk in the same direction as you come out of the station, past Nataree on your right, and keep going for about 10 minutes until you reach the soi. You should see a sign advertising Colonze 2 at the soi entrance, but for further reference it is the road immediately before the large Alaina massage building.

Not the greatest location, then. Slightly outside of downtown and a bit of a walk from the nearest public transport, but at least it is on a well-known road and easy to find. 6/10


The lobby is a wide, tall, spacious and well lit room. The girls are arranged to the left as you walk in, with a large fishbowl selection not in front of glass but sat on tiered stairs, and sideliners to the left of them. You can sit on a couch to take in the view. Or, should you for some reason be here for more than one thing, there is a sushi restaurant to the right of the girls.

A friendly, if somewhat formal, mamasan conducts business and after you make a choice, you take a staircase to the pay counter. There is also a bar and what appears to be a dancefloor up there. I was told this is where the “models” hang out. Anyway, after paying, it’s up to the room in a small elevator.

The room is very nice. It looks more like a decent hotel room, coming as it does with all the trappings including even a large wardrobe! There is a double bed with drapes, a large and comfortable bathtub, sofa, television and window (obviously with curtains drawn). The room is well lit and various toiletries are provided along with the usual cleaning stuff. It was a very nice room, well kept, nicely designed and clean. The only drawbacks were an absence of mirrors and plastic under the bedsheets and pillowcases. OK, it’s obvious why they need that but a softer type would be better because it sounds rather clinical to hear the rustling of plastic below your head or body. 8/10


The fishbowl girls were all 2,000 baht apiece, while there were a couple of sideliners available for 2,300. The mamasan said there were “models” upstairs for 3,000-3,300 but the selection downstairs was good enough, and a decent price. I went for a fishbowl girl. All-in for 2,000 is below the going rate, and it looked to be a nice place. Drinks were extra. I ordered water at 40 baht, while the girl ordered a watermelon smoothie which came to 120 baht! (And she barely touched it). 8/10


There were about 20 fishbowl girls and 2 sideliners. I didn’t check the “model” situation upstairs. No idea why the two sideline girls were more expensive, as they were plump and, as it turned out with my choice, they could not have been any younger. Anyway the fishbowl selection was good. A decent number and most of them of good quality – good looking, decent figure and young (early 20s or less). There would likely be even more in the evening (I was there in an afternoon). 8/10



Eighteen! Amazing. I didn’t know when I selected her, but what a great choice for that reason alone! Which begs the question why those two plump girls on the sideline cost more, since they weren’t even attractive and couldn’t have been younger than the girl I picked from the main selection. As a man in my 30s, I wasn’t sure if I should feel guilty having sex with an 18 year old, but hey, surely the whole point of paying for sex is to do it with women we wouldn’t otherwise have a chance with, or to fulfill fantasies – and who hasn’t fantasised about 18 year old Asian girls! 10/10


Cute and pretty, with long, wavy hair. She’d overdone the makeup, but that’s a very minor gripe. 9/10


Very nice, as you’d expect for an 18 year old. Slim, taut and smooth to the touch. Her breasts were on the small side, but their shape was nice and I’m not so concerned with size. A cute and taut butt. Her pussy hair was full length, which I don’t like, but the hair was quite light and didn’t cover a huge area, and inside her pussy was tight but comfortably accommodating. 9/10


Unfortunately she seemed quite nervous. I imagine either she was pretty new to the job, or had never been with a farang before, or both. I tried my best to put her at ease and she was quite affectionate, kissed, and let me touch and look as I pleased. She didn’t speak any English. Once she gets used to things a bit more, she will be much better. 7/10

Massage, etc

She had a modicum of skill and gave me a fair head and shoulders massage while we waited for the bath to fill. Once in the bath, it was the standard all-over body wash, which is always pleasant but not a massage. 7/10


It couldn’t really fail to be good in the sense that sex with a hot 18 year old is about as good as it gets on paper. So the look and feel of it was wonderful, but she sadly possessed very little idea of what to do and, as mentioned earlier, seemed a bit nervous. She didn’t even understand basic foreplay, i.e. handjob and oral sex and had to be dictated to. The actual sex was fine, even if she didn’t put much into it, because again she looked and felt great, and while not enthusiastic, she didn’t object to anything. I wanted to give her a higher score, but the only reason I’ve scored as high as I have is because of her youth and appearance naked. Without it, there’d be very little to say. 6/10


A vast selection, a helpful papasan and moderately priced. It’s slightly downmarket from the usually opulent Huay Khwang dens but that might be what you want if the bigger/plusher places look a bit foreboding. If you can speak a bit of Thai, or don’t mind if the girl doesn’t speak much English, Nataree is well worth the trip. It’s easy enough to get to. In conclusion, a very pleasant experience with a sweet, young and pretty girl.


Visited Late March 2013, weekday  late afternoon.

Open Daily 1pm-midnight

Address Ratchadaphisek Road Soi 7

Nearest public transport Huay Khwang MRT

English telephone 022746471

English website (outdated but includes location, etc)

Email none


12 comments on “Colonze 2, Ratchadaphisek Soi 7

  1. lala says:

    Very nice reading your info here, I went to nataree first, and indeed what a selection then went to colonze 2 not same selection but was indeed very nice.

  2. Mike says:

    will you review the Plaza Entertainment complex and in particular AQUA ?

  3. Windanao says:

    good reviews, i enjoyed nataree…lots of young 18yr olds. i also liked la de’fense along rama 9, but most of the girls there do not speak english. i hope you continue this blog and continue reviewing BKK full service scene. cheers!

  4. Bill says:

    I went there and had the time of my life with a honeypot I will never forget

  5. punterthoughts says:

    I have never visited Thailand but have always wished to sample the delights of the capital’s massage facilities! I hope to go either this year or next and I will certainly look up this place.

  6. pralhad pawar says:

    thanks for great information

    • pralhad pawar says:

      I have never visited bangkok and massage center but willing to visit Bangkok shortly thanks

  7. Bontroy says:

    Any info or reviews on The Office?

  8. Aldo says:

    Early December 2015 I visited Colonze2, late afternoon. I looked forward to have a nice 18 yo type small lady, I was shown around by the Mamasan, but didn’t find a girl to meet my expectations, so I left the place (Found later what I looked for in Alaina !). A few days later I went there again, in the early evening, thinking that there could be other girls. Much to my surprise the guardian at the entrance stopped me from getting in. He had recognized me and just said that they are not interested in curious visitors walking around without taking a lady. This has never happened to me in any other place! I was properly dressed and behaved with courtesy. It made no sense to discuss so I left. Anyone had similar experiences?

  9. Not what it was says:

    Forget it. I went there last week. Raided
    in late 2014, renamed Ocean, 6 sideline
    girls, no models, no fishbowl girls,
    constant stream of walk in customers who
    immediately leave for the other local
    soapies. Nearly abandoned.

    Not recommended.

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