Pink Massage, Sukhumvit 24



logo-fPink Massage is well located, very close to Phrom Phong BTS, or about 10 minutes’ walk or a short motorcycle/taxi ride from Sukhumvit subway station. From the mouth of Sukhumvit Road, turn in to Soi 24 and after about 100 metres on your left you will find a small plaza consisting mostly of massage shops. A Korean restaurant is on the left corner. If you look up from street level you will also see signs advertising the businesses in the side street, including one for Pink Massage, which is unmissable due to its bright colours and heart shapes. Alternatively, if you come out of the Soi 24 exit of the Emporium mall, the massage complex will be right in front of you. The location is in the downtown area, near landmarks such as Emporium and Benjasiri Park, and is the shortest of walks from public transport. 10/10


The reception area is rather bare and sparse but brightly decorated, making it look smart and professional. Bizarrelly, there is a souvenir shop selling tourist-Thai tat, although surely a massage joint is the last place you’d go souvenir shopping! I chose a VIP room, which included a jacuzzi which could fit 2 or 3 people. The room was bigger than average for this kind of place and had a double bed, jacuzzi and shower. There was a mirror, but it was on the opposite wall to the bed so not really useful to watch the action, although I could watch the girl when she was in the shower. There were windows but they were blacked out so they didn’t provide natural light, but the room was well lit and the girl kept it that way. In conclusion, it was the best room outside of the Huay Khwang neighbourhood. 8/10


This was slightly more than the average price for this kind of establishment. Yes I did go for a VIP room, but even the basic options are about B100-200 more. Drinking water cost B20, which is hardly expensive but many places of this style offer free soft drinks. All told, I paid B2,800 for one and a half hours’ aroma massage in a VIP jacuzzi room including full service. 5/10


I was shown a book with Photoshopped pictures of about 40 girls. A little more than half of these were already spoken for, as indicated by a strip of tape on their pages. That left me with a little under 20 girls to choose from. Bearing in mind the pics were photoshopped, about half of them were attractive (by my standards). I then narrowed that down to those whose bellies were visible in the photo, so as to avoid a fatty. Using that method, there wasn’t a great selection, but still it was enough to not worry about my choice. 5/10



The book advertised her as being 21 but more likely she was in her mid 20s. 6/10


Good looking and smiled a lot. Especially nice eyes and a hairstyle that complemented her facial features very well. 8/10


At first, I was disappointed. I chose her based on the slim figure in the photo, and as we walked up the stairs with her in front, I thought her legs were chunky and that would likely mean she had a big belly too. However, I would later find she looked OK, and I think it was just that the dress did not flatter her, not did looking at her thighs from behind and beneath as we walked up the stairs. Once the clothes were off, her legs were a bit bigger than I like but overall she looked better naked than dressed (that’s not necessarily stating the obvious!). I do love a flat belly and she didn’t quite have that but she was far from fat. Her breasts were very nice – natural, a good size and shape and very pleasant to the touch. Her skin looked and felt good. Her pubic hair was trimmed nicely – not too long and not too short and her pussy was very tight. With a bit more toning of belly and legs, she would be very sexy indeed. 7/10


She really was lovely. Greeted me with a big smile, which she maintained through much of our session. She was polite and courteous at all times and spoke decent English. She was chatty and flirty and I felt comfortable with her from the start. 9/10

Massage, etc

We began with a shower while standing in the jacuzzi. The usual routine of the girl cleaning the guy, then I was directed to wait on the bed while she showered, and I was able to have a good look at her in the shower by watching the mirror. Then the massage began, which was capable but not strong. She massaged the back of me first (with me lying face down) and took a long time over that, which may frustrate some who want to get down to the sexual portion a bit quicker, but I didn’t mind because it was very pleasant and I do find being massaged by a naked Thai girl to be a good form of foreplay anyway. After perhaps 20 minutes I was told to turn over and got a much briefer front-side massage before activities became more erotic. After the sex, we sat in the jacuzzi for a while, which was a nice way to round things off. She was a skilled masseuse but a bit weak, and the jacuzzi was a nice touch. 8/10


She gave my penis a good rubdown with her breasts, then performed what I could best describe as a “penis massage”. No, not just a hand job, she did work it in kind of a “therapeutic” manner, pressing certain places, etc. I’d never experienced something like that before and while I could feel the benefits in a massage sense, it was also very arousing too.

She then gave me a nice blow job which was similar to her standard massage approach – good skill but not a lot of strength. Still, that can be a good thing – it keeps you hard but you don’t have to fight off coming too quickly. She performed the oral sex without a condom and I couldn’t feel her teeth at all, and it lasted for quite a long time.

Next, we lay down next to each other for a bit of foreplay. I like to do that sometimes, rather than leap straight into sex from the blowjob. She let me kiss her (always a plus point), I hot a good feel of her body and we indulged in a bit of mutual masturbation. I could feel she had a tight pussy, but she didn’t get very wet naturally.

Speaking of tight, the condom was small and not very comfortable. Perhaps they are more used to Japanese customers (Pink’s website is mostly in Japanese and they have copies of G-Diary in the room). Anyway, I managed to get the thing on (it did require a bit of a tug but she didn’t want to risk hurting me, so I put it on properly myself). She applied some lube to the condom and then we started to have sex. I had to go slowly at first because she wasn’t fully aroused and her pussy was so tight, but of course the latter point is great for the man and once she had eased up and we got a proper rhythm going, the sex was good. She was capable, accommodating and grew more enthusiastic as it went on. We fucked in three positions before I came. 8/10


As a venue, Pink Massage is much better than most other “Sukhumvit style” massage shops. The set-up is clean, smart and modern and the VIP rooms are almost up to Huay Khwang standards. I don’t like venues that offer a book rather than a physical line-up, because the overly-Photoshopped images don’t look realistic. However, the girl I chose ended up being very nice. Her body wasn’t the best but it was acceptable, and she was a very sweet character who delivered a good performance. It costs slightly more than the average for this kind of establishment, and for that kind of price I’d probably go to Huay Khwang instead if I have free time, but if you’re in the Sukhumvit/Phrom Phong area and have a spare hour or two, Pink is well worth checking out.


Visited Late December 2012, late weekday afternoon.

Open Website says 11am-midnight on one page, 10.30am-midnight on another, and the sign on the shop says 10am-midnight. No idea which is more accurate (I’ve never needed a full-service massage at 10am!).

Address 3/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24

Nearest public transport Phrom Phong BTS

English telephone 026634117

English website

Email None


7 comments on “Pink Massage, Sukhumvit 24

  1. janjan says:

    i like to go there to relax with a good massage.

  2. Moesha Black says:

    Negative review of “Maiden Massage” on Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., near Surawong Road in Bangkok.

    This was my experience:
    The English-speaking male tout pulled me in from the sidewalk, and offered me a “..young beauty special friendly girl for special massage..”. Ok, so I assumed that clearly meant your usual naughty massage.

    I paid in advance 800-THB for the 1-hour. After I paid, the tout made a point of saying to me, “ tip her extra, if she do all OK for you..”. That also seemed clear enough to me. The young cutie washed my feet and took me up the elevator to the 5th Floor. After I showered, the young girl re-appeared, and I initiated the usual negotiations trying to determine her limits and what it was going to cost me in “tips”.

    Big Zero. Not even a fully clothed hand job… there wasn’t any sex service available at any price. The tout then re-appeared and explained that “..there was a misunderstanding, that really they don’t offer any sex services of any kind there..” The tout asked if I wanted to cancel, and I said yes, and I put my clothes on, and went back downstairs to the desk and stood there. Big dumb blank stares all around. The tout refused to refund all, or even a portion, of my 800-THB.

    We strongly recommend against Maiden Massage.

    …and I’m a pretty nice guy, and I’ve lived here a long time. Normally these scum bag parasites at the knockin’ shops don’t cheat me quite this bad, but this guy clearly offered “special”, when in fact that isn’t what they do at this place… This particular tout-monkey had an odd look about him, and he spoke English well enough.

    I promised him that I would list my review on every forum on the planet, and I’m just getting started… If I can cut out even a tiny bit of his Japanese package tour business, it will be beau coups more than 800-THB…

  3. Ken says:

    can i have 2 cum shot in a package ?

  4. Darren says:


  5. ninimu says:

    never come here it sucks! addcited is better! trust me . the girls are coring as fuck! esp. a girl named spy

  6. vijayaraghavan says:

    I have gone thru the one gentleman’s experience in the pink massage centre. it is very nice to here that. I am coming on 25 & 26yh of May 2015 and i will visit the pink massage centre to enjoy the massage.

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